Life is Lived Once ... Live with Freedom

Everything I tried to hold onto, I lost. Everything I let go of, returned. Until I learned: The only way to keep something, is to let it go.

second date with her tonight


Police shot dead a teenage boy on Saturday in restive Indian Kashmir during a protest against Israel’s military offensive against Gaza, officials said.
The youngster’s death marked the first fatality in a string of demonstrations across the Himalayan territory that have been staged against the Israeli military campaign.
The boy, a ninth-class student, was killed in the village of Khudwani, 60 kilometers (40 miles) south of Srinagar, the main city of the disputed Muslim-majority region of Kashmir.
"The boy died in (police) firing on anti-Israel protesters who were also angry about injuries suffered by other protesters during earlier demonstrations," a senior police officer told Agence France Presse.
A police statement called the killing “unfortunate”.
The Indian police officer said the Kashmri youngster, identified as Suhail Ahmad Lone, was believed to be around 14 or 15.
Dozens of protesters have been injured in the protests against the Israeli military campaign in Gaza.
The protests have been occurring on an almost daily basis in the Kashmir valley which has been at the center of a quarter-century revolt against Indian rule.
The demonstrators, some holding placards with “Save Gaza” written on them, chanted “Down with Israel”, “Down with America” and hurled stones at government forces.
Indian government forces are seeking to prevent the protests from spreading in the volatile region.
On Thursday, the Kashmir valley was mostly shut in response to a call by separatist leaders to protest against the Israeli military campaign.
About a dozen rebel groups have been fighting Indian forces since 1989 for independence or merger of Kashmir with Pakistan, which also claims the territory.
Israel has long been a key arms supplier to the Indian government.
Occupier helping occupier.

Best thing, she said yes to another date before I dropped her off at her apartment :)

Went on a date today with a Polish girl. I had a really good time.

NGL, it felt nice getting to know her and it had been awhile since I had been on a date.
I swear she has the cutest laugh.